Nashville Farmer’s Market

900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615-880-2001  |

“The Nashville FarmersMarket (NFM) is home to farmers, artisans, restauranteurs, and local business merchants throughout the year. We are divided into three distinct areas–each supporting locally owned & operated businesses.”  read more ›


Peter Nappi

1308 Adams Street  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615.248.3310  |

“It’s important to us not to offer products that could be described as manufactured. All of the products we feature are made with the finest materials. We personally spend careful time and consideration choosing the materials. Our small, limited-edition batches feature individual attributes not available with mass production. The leather is of the highest quality available and allows each pair of boots, as well as each bag and other goods, to have their own unique character.”  read more ›


Lazzaroli Pasta

1314 5th Avenue North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615-291-9922  |