Germantown Highlights

  • Germantown Shopping Germantown Shopping

    Germantown Shopping

Germantown Shopping

Nashville Farmer’s Market

900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615-880-2001  |

“The Nashville FarmersMarket (NFM) is home to farmers, artisans, restauranteurs, and local business merchants throughout the year. We are divided into three distinct areas–each supporting locally owned & operated businesses.”  read more ›


Peter Nappi

1308 Adams Street  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615.248.3310  |

“It’s important to us not to offer products that could be described as manufactured. All of the products we feature are made with the finest materials. We personally spend careful time and consideration choosing the materials. Our small, limited-edition batches feature individual attributes not available with mass production. The leather is of the highest quality available and allows each pair of boots, as well as each bag and other goods, to have their own unique character.”  read more ›


Lazzaroli Pasta

1314 5th Avenue North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615-291-9922  |

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  • Germantown Restaurants Germantown Restaurants

    Germantown Restaurants

  • Germantown Cafe

Germantown Restaurants


1222 4th Ave North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615.736.5838    |


5th & Taylor

1411 5th Ave North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615.242.4747  |


Butchertown Hall

1416 4th Ave North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615.454.3634  |



1121 5th Ave North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  615.750.2912  |

“Suppertime in Nashville just became even tastier with the opening of SILO, a Southern-influenced, neighborhood bistro in historic Germantown at the corner of 5th and Madison in the new Vista Germantown apartments.”  read more ›


Germantown Cafe

1200 Fifth Avenue North  |   Nashville, TN 37208   | (615) 242-3226   |

“Germantown Café has become a reliable fixture on Nashville’s dining scene by offering fresh, creative cuisine at reasonable prices, as well as a fully-stocked bar and an amazing view of the Nashville skyline—at either location you visit.  Conveniently located just blocks north of downtown and LP Field, the Cafés are a perfect choice for a pre-theatre dinner, a casual night out on the town, or a brunch before the big game. And one look at the sleek and sexy interior lets you know it’s the perfect spot for extra-special occasions as well, with plenty of private dining space for just about any event. .”  read more ›


Rolf and Daughters

700 Taylor Street  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |   615) 866-9897 |

“Rolf and Daughters is a neighborhood restaurant located in the historic 100-year-old Werthan Factory building in Germantown Nashville. Our food draws on Northern Italian and Mediterranean influences with Southern ingredients to create a dynamic and seasonally driven menu.”  read more ›


Monell’s Restaurant

1235 6th Avenue North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |

“When in Nashville do what the locals do…Pass the Peas..Please! Great Southern Food served Family Style in Historic Settings. Skillet Fried Chicken, Green Beans, Cheese Grits, Cornbread, Biscuits and gravy, pork chops, pot roast.”  read more ›


Mad Platter Restaurant

1239 6th Avenue North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |  (615)242-2563  |


Cupcake Collection

1213 6th Avenue North  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |   (615) 244-2900  |

“Our cupcakes taste homemade because they are homemade.

A trip into the home of  The Cupcake Collection is an invitation into the lives of the Francois family. We do our best to welcome all our customers like guest. After all, our bakery is housed right inside the family living room. People are often surprised when I tell them that baking was never my forte.”   read more ›


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  • Bicentennial Mall State Park Bicentennial Mall State Park

    Bicentennial Mall State Park

Bicentennial Mall State Park

600 James Robertson Parkway | Nashville, TN 37208 |

“The Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is located in the shadow of the State Capitol in downtown Nashville. The 19-acre park is designed to complement the Tennessee Capitol Building, give visitors a taste of Tennessee’s history and natural wonders, and to serve as a lasting monument to Tennessee’s Bicentennial celebration.”  read more ›

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  • Nashville Farmer’s Market Nashville Farmer’s Market

    Nashville Farmer’s Market

Nashville Farmer’s Market

Built in the 1950’s the Nashville Farmer’s market is steps from downtown Nashville and conveniently located next to the Germantown and Hope Gardens neighborhoods.  Covering 16 acres the market continues to serve as a daily Farmers’ Market with local farmers, artisans, and merchants; an interior Market House with eateries and specialty food shops; and a weekend Flea Market with independent entrepreneurs selling new and used items.

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  • Morgan Park Morgan Park

    Morgan Park

Morgan Park

411 Hume Street  |   Nashville, TN 37208  |

Neighborhood park located between Germantown and Salemtown with green space, playing field, picnic area, and basketball court.  The park at one time was a beer garden.   Today there is an active fountain where once was a sulphur spring.


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