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  • Bartaco restaurant opens in 12South Bartaco restaurant opens in 12South

    Bartaco restaurant opens in 12South

Bartaco restaurant opens in 12South

from The Tennessean

Street food inspired restaurant concept Bartaco is now serving tacos, small plates and tequila in Nashville’s 12South neighborhood.  The restaurant had its soft opening Monday at 2526 12th Ave. S. Diners were strolling in Tuesday evening, sitting on the large outdoor patio fronting 12th Avenue South.

read entire article @ The Tennessean

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  • 12th Ave South Shopping 12th Ave South Shopping

    12th Ave South Shopping

12th Ave South Shopping

Located in between the 12South and Belmont Hillsboro neighborhoods, 12th Avenue South is jumping with plenty of shopping options ranging from bicycles to custom jeans.


Imogene + Willie

2601 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  (615) 292-5005  | http://www.imogeneandwillie.com/

It’s probably exactly the same as yours… just different character names.  read more ›


Halcyon Bike Shop

2800 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  615.730.9344  |  http://halcyonbike.com/

“Halcyon Bike Shop is a worker owned and operated used bicycle shop in the 12 South District of Nashville, TN. We are committed to serving all of Nashville with quality products and service at affordable prices.”  read more ›



2301 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204   | http://www.serendipity12th.com/

“Ken and Julie raised their family in Maine.When their oldest child Anthony went to college at Belmont they were drawn to Nashville. They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.Settling on 12th ave so. was a pioneer experience that has proven to be a tremendous blessing. The area is diverse with great businesses, including other boutiques,  restaurants, hair salons, and wine bar, creating a full experience for locals and visitors.”  read more 

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  • 12th Ave South Restaurants 12th Ave South Restaurants

    12th Ave South Restaurants

12th Ave South Restaurants

Located in between the 12South and Belmont Hillsboro neighborhoods, 12th Avenue South has no lack of restaurant options.  Whether you are looking for a burger or pizza, 12South has it all.


12South Taproom

2318 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  615.463.7552  |   12southtaproom.com

“We are bar people. When we go out to a bar, we go not to be seen, but to see our friends. We go for a beer list that is not only extensive, but designed to showcase beers of only the highest quality.  We are restaurant people. When we go to a restaurant, we go not just to eat but to share something special with our friends. We go to eat food made with love, forethought, and personality.”  read more ›


Mafioza’s Pizzeria

2400 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  615.269.4646  |   mafiaozas.com

“From our Family to yours, enjoy our fresh daily made appetizers, pastas and pizzas using only the best quality ingredients from local and regional producers to ensure the best taste! You deserve the best! And, if you’re looking for guten-free pizza crust, cider and beer, MAFIAoZAs is your place!” read more ›


Urban Grub

2506 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204   |  urbangrub.net/

“In a city known for putting up platinum food as well as platinum records, Nashville has a bounty of restaurant options but none as unique, exciting and diverse as the sure-fire hit Urban Grub. Stuffy upscale is out…..ethnic, healthy, casual and pick-up is in which makes Urban Grub the next big star on the Nashville dining scene. The menu is a combination of southern traditions with a “flavored up tweak, ” fresh fish and seafood, fresh shucked oysters, smoked and grilled meats and vegetables, and cantina style hand-helds.” read more ›


Burger Up

2901 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |   burger-up.com/

“A Burger Joint?  Well, it’s really much more than that…

“The idea of Burger Up was born in November of 2008. I remember the day, the phone conversation. I was talking with a developer friend about what concept would do well in this corner space. (@12th and Paris) We discussed a quality burger place – a community-driven restaurant – a place people of all ages would feel welcome – an opportunity to take the kids out to dinner too – A place appropriate for a business lunch, a first date, an anniversary. Aaron, my developer friend thought that all sounded great and responded with “who is going to open it?” Within a few seconds, I replied “I will”. That week a lease was signed and close to 18 months later the doors were open.”  read more ›


Edley’s Bar-B-Que

2706 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  edleysbbq.com/

“Edley’s Bar-B-Que is a tribute to all things southern.  At Edley’s Bar-B-Que we focus on our guests overall experience while showcasing a unique Nashville personality.  From the service to the food, we want to be the best we can be. When you walk through the door at Edley’s Bar-B-Que you are welcomed like an old family friend and then we make every effort to make sure you are comfortable in our home. We strive to serve the best food we can make and prove ourselves one plate at a time. Edley’s Bar-B-Que will be a Nashville institution.  It will unite the Nashville tradition of meat and three with the best Bar-B-Que this side of the Mississippi.”  read more ›


Frothy Monkey

2509 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  frothymonkey.com


At Frothy Monkey, we have developed the recipe for the ideal dining experience: creative folks using local ingredients to prepare original dishes served in a cozy and approachable atmosphere.

Sounds great, right? Let’s be honest though. – when you’re hungry, you just want tasty, fresh food, in your neighborhood at your favorite spot that’s, well, honest.

It’s easy to be honest about our food. We have personal relationships with the people that grow and produce many of our ingredients and we combine them with our own hands in our own kitchens. And there it is. You have the freshest meals (preservatives always at a minimum) and the peace of mind that you know what you are eating. The best thing is you don’t even have to think about it.

So, go ahead and be choosy about what you eat. We’ll create a conscientiously crafted food experience, breakfast through DINNER, every time. Honest.” read more ›


Portland Brew

2605 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204



2905 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204  |  615.499.4793  |  slocolocal.com

“Most American eaters have become accustomed to processed, mass-produced food when they eat out and no longer expect art from the kitchen. Our industry has used technology, science, the efficiencies of scale and subsidies to produce food at artificially cheap prices. A reawakening of a community fed up (pun intended) with modern food has created a push toward local, organic, “real” food bought from farmers growing without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, antibiotics and genetic modification. To the argument that “real” food is too expensive, we respectfully disagree and promise sustainably sourced food at affordable prices – prices that are in line with shops across the city and country, while using nose-to-tail cookery, making everything in-house, utilizing the most sustainable product available and prepared in the same amount of time it takes at any quick service joint.”  read more ›


Taqueria del Sol

2317 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204   |  taqueriadelsol.com/

“A dining experience at Taqueria del Sol is not soon forgotten. While guests stand in line, order and take a seat, similar to the systems of many fast-casual restaurants, the similarities end there. The clean and playful design of all of the restaurants, the speed at which “from scratch” Southern, Mexican and Southwestern dishes are delivered, and the taste of such original selections creates a dining experience unlike many others.” read more ›


2526 12th Avenue South  |   Nashville, TN 37204   |  www.bartaco.com



  • 12South Architecture 12South Architecture

    12South Architecture

12South Architecture

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  • Sevier Park Sevier Park

    Sevier Park

Sevier Park

3021  Lealand Lane  |   Nashville.gov

Sevier Park is a beautiful urban park park situated between the 12South and Belmont-Hillsboro neighborhood. The park is the site of many events throughout the year including the 12South Farmer’s Market, Concert Series, Sevier Park Fest, and more.  Along with a brand new community center (completed in 2014), Sevier Park is also home to the Metropolitan Historical Commission and Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission located in the historic Sunnyside Mansion.

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  • Brown’s Creek Greenway Brown’s Creek Greenway

    Brown’s Creek Greenway

Brown’s Creek Greenway

Battlemont Neighborhood  |  Greenways for Nashville

The first greenway along Brown’s Creek was created on land that where homes were cleared after being wiped out by the Nashville flood of 2010.  The .65 mile trail lies at the east end of Battlefield Avenue.  Long term plans include connecting the Brown’s Creek Greeenway to Sevier Park and Gale Lane Park in 12South through neighborhood bike lanes.

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