During our Initial Meeting we discuss your goals and the steps we need to take to get you there within a given timeframe.  We will discuss the next steps which include deciding on financing then searching for properties.  We also start to discuss your criteria for your new home purchase through a buyer questionnaire.

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Obtaining financing is the one of the most important steps in the home buying process.  Not every buyer obtains a mortgage but it is imperative that this process begins before you search for your new home.  We provide a list a mortgage professionals that we have worked with in the past.  Through discussions with your mortgage professional, you be able to define a price range within which you are comfortable.



Once we have an approved price range and have defined our criteria through a buyer questionnaire, we set up your custom search. Through this search, you will be notified through email as new listings come on the market.  In many markets today, it is necessary to hear about new listing before they come on the market.  We contact other agents who work in the neighborhoods you prefer to ask about their upcoming listings.  We also attend our weekly sales meetings to hear about new listings.  Village agents sell 30% of our listings in house.

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Staying informed in today’s market is very important.   Properties are selling within days and sometimes hours of hitting the market.   Through automated email alerts, you will be notified as new listings within your criteria come on the market.

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Contract to Close

Negotiate Offer

Once we find the house, we present offer and continue to negotiate until the terms of the agreement are within the parameters of your goals.


You continue to work with your mortgage professional until loan is approved.  Process includes having a home appraisal.


With the assistance of trusted service providers we negotiate with the seller which repairs will be completed prior to closing.


Once all contingencies have been removed, then the last step is to close!